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Congratulations to John Morris/Rhys Stoneman in the Dewitts Race and Rally/RS Rallying Ford Escort Cosworth for getting to the very end of a very difficult Manx Rally.
John/Rhys approach for the Thursday stages were to take it easy and learn the roads and to push on during the event as it went along.The Friday stages were going well and were making progress until the evening stages where the car developed an front suspension issues,the lads manage to keep the Escort going through the night stages with some loss of time and back into service for the service crew to work there magic in readiness for the Saturday loop of stages.After a few hours sleep the lads decided to have a big push and go for it,but unfortunatley whilst lying 61st Overall in the International field after SS19 with two stages to go the front suspension issue reoccurred 3miles into the very last stage and with 10miles left of the stage they managed to do a temporally fix with a rachet strap to get them to the finish line and over the finish ramp but unfortunatley with the time loss in the last stage,the lads where classified as OTL ,which was a massive shame after all the hard work they put into the event and issue they had to deal with,but netherless they gained valuable experience of the Manxs Roads for there next attempt at the iconic event.

Well done both on your achievement.

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